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Dec 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
is montgomery street. e have thembaradero -- now we have the embarcadero and marina. this map is the infamous lipofaction map. the green areas are the areas that will have potential lip ofaction. that is a loss of strength of material when it is subjected to vibration. it can occur in sand and silt. those have to be saturated or below the ground water level. you can almost type dismount tie t --tie this map -- this area right here is the same as this one. it is all silt and will liquefy. the marina is in this area here. you can correlate the advancement of the shoreline of san francisco with the potential for liquefaction. >> it is a perfect example. it is all sold and liquefaction. >> treasure island is unique. it was originally developed to be the location of the world fair with the understanding that once it was finished, that would become the location of san francisco international airport. it is 11,000 feet long. in those days, the thought that was more than enough to land any conceivable airplane. they thought it was ideal. they said that we have all kinds of sand out in the ba
Dec 27, 2012 4:00am PST
disagree on, that's fine, that's beauty of free speech. i'm here representing the marina property association regarding proposal to build a restaurant at currently deserted degaussing station. my name is victor preato, a resident if the marina, a taxpayer and registered voter. we're requesting that you deny going on with this proposal. it is an area where this restaurant's going to be built has not gone through ceqa, there's no environmental impact regarding trash, traffic, parking light or noise. the traffic and garbage will only attract more seagulls and pigeons. if you have a walk the next morning issue evening along the seawall check out the rat infestation that will multiply more. usc san francisco, i spent nine years as an attending surgeon, i'm attending surgeon at st. francis hospital where i've been on staff for 28 years covering the emergency room and had the honor of taking care of hundreds if not thousands of citizens, adults and children alike, killed and maimed and severely impaired by drunk drivers. i don't want to have to go home and have the honor and pleasure ins
Dec 26, 2012 6:30pm PST
asÍ lo confirmaron autoridades. otro se realizÓ entre presuntos delincuentes y agentes de marina. >>> la principal causa se llama pobreza, ahÍ estÁ la razÓn medular. y yo vine seÑalando que cualquier programa de seguridad pÚblica si no lleva el acompamiento de generaciÓn de empleo para jÓvenes. >>> como parte de la reestructuraciÓn de la policÍa se degignÓ a ceballos como nuevo comisionado, el nuevo funcionariÓ fue entrenado por la oficina federal de investigaciones estadounidense. >>> mientras no haya policÍas confiables, podremos instrumentar todos los mecanismos pero no habrÁ cambios, el eslabÓn mÁs importante es el policÍa. >>> en los prÓximos aÑos la ciudad de mÉxico estarÁ protegida de los carteles de la droga que operan en el paÍs. seÑalÓ que pondrÁ atenciÓn en la venta del narcomenudeo. alejandro roldan. >>> en el medio del dolor hay ejemplo que invitan a la esperanza gracias a la mÚsica de vivaldi niÑos se alejan de drogas y asesinatos en acapulco, en el violento barrio ciudad rae hacimiento mÁs de 100 escolares se unieron, y pronto debutaran
Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm EST
-- our view from the tidewater marina and in manchester, snow still on the football field here at northern carroll. i think you will see melting of that tomorrow before we bring in more snow saturday. more on that in a second. wind from the northwest 15 to 20. still gusting close to 30. so, as i have been saying earlier, you have to put out the trash and recycling, maybe wait until just before bed. wind chill now heading out to dinner. dress warm for that. feeling like just the 20s. here is the set up now. we are clear, the storm from earlier, blowing out to the north and east. things get better in to the day tomorrow. here is what all the hubbub is about. temperatures, close to 40. that will help melt what snow is left. places like carrol; watch saturday. number one temperatures won't move much off the morning lows. 33 for a high. on saturday, very close to that freezing mark. that will support winter weather as this new area precipitation comes in. new storm system. one storm out. we are watching for the next one. windy conditions for a few more hours this evening and then the w
Dec 26, 2012 8:00pm PST
pleasure and an honor to "go to work for them everyday thank you. >> thank you. >> marina sack tan know. >>> commissioners, thank you for the opportunity to speak, first, i just want to say thank you captain ship ling that was great and secondly, i want to say, i think carol morgan's presentation was excellent, i couldn't have done it better i can't think of anybody who would have because she same came from the ground floor up and was able to present a full picture of what the operation is for us, it's our life's blood before it was blue and good it was red and white fleet. they have had the same location and have really positioned themselves to perform you know, the biggest ferry company short of the washington state ferry service and i think it's an accomplishment to be able to do that and along the road, we have become great partners, we have had some tough types and have been here during those tough times and i want to acknowledge bob macintosh because during those tough times he was there supporting us and doing whatever is necessary to survive the transition from the loss of the a
Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
the marina and were transported to the high peer in fisherman whof and the our next company is going to have more people moving down and up the water front by vessel and other mode we often and so it's very exciting and happy to have that going. next, another great announcement for us, is the grand opening of peer half premi prom iniad which, is funded from a [spelling?] variety of source which, is the least of a number of geobonds and it entertained entailed a significant repair of the sea area between the blue and ghoul fleet at peer 43 and it's now an amazingly gorgeous prom iniad it's so beautiful that it's -- i have been noticing that we have work to do is to bring it up historic arrested is to bring it up to the same san diego and so next monday we will have a rib done ribbon cutting with mayorly and it will be traditional george day on the bay. next port zone number three we have had a foreign trade zone since 195848 ours was third in the country to be established was recognized as the december 2012 foreign trade zone of the month in part of the because of the ability to utili
Dec 26, 2012 4:30pm PST
the safeway at 4th street and one at clement and 7th, safeway and one i believe at the marina safeway. >> are they being used? >> yes, they are. >> they are kind of limited, again, if someone comes up with a shopping cart it kind of shuts it down, but for the family or for folks, that is kind of the small-scale solution. that if we get the prices of those down, they are a little expensive at the moment. that could provide convenience in a lot of neighborhoods. and then you would need that distribution system to collect it. i think we do have some solutions. >> director dick-endrizzi? >> just to make sure that commissioner ortiz-cartagena, if the supermarket isn't there and then the small businesses in that half-mile radiuss, they are not required to participate in the program. it's just when the supermarket is established, then those businesses are required to participate. does that make sense? >> that makes sense. >> any other commissioner questions before we go to public comment? okay. let's open this up to public comment. members of the public, public comment is limited to 3 minute
Dec 27, 2012 7:00am PST
secretaria de marina en jalisco dejó 15 muertos. >>> se volco un autobús en la sierra de ecuador y el vehículo se precipitó tras rdoar por un abismo. >>> el gobierno de venezuela anunción que hugo chavez ya había entregado algunas responsabilidades a nicolas maduro. >>> habrían contradicciones en su estado de salud y nicolás maduro salio a rechazarlas. >>> seremos felices el día que llegue nuestro comandante a esta tierra bolivariana de venezuela. >>> la verdad es que se pregtunan si chavez podrá llegar a tomar el mando. el artículo no dice cuándo ni donde debe tomar el poder. >>> llega una controversial flota con amiones de basura que llegarían a bogotá. >>> el evidente deterioro de los vehículos, despertaron controversia. >>> nadie sabe en que condicion están. >>> habrian sido usados en miami y aún se desconoce el costo que tuvo pero no se recibe un vehículo que no haya pasado su revisión se'gun la vocera de la compañía. >>> las autoridades sanitarias encontraron en su interior basura sólida. >>> >>> lo que hicimos fue hacer una inmovilización de los camiones. >
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8